Automation, Quality Assurance and AI-powered analytics

You have a goldmine of customer service data, Miuros will help you drill down and mine actionable insights in a few clicks. Miuros’ Intelligence Suite empowers you to find quick answers to complex questions, build better customer experiences and supercharge efficiency.

  • Extract actionable insights from day one
  • Enhance feedback and agents onboarding, training and coaching
  • Improved agent productivity
  • Improved customer satisfaction and first reply time
  • Reduced time on QA
  • Unified and centralized QA data

Overview of Product

Insights: Quick Answers to Sophisticated Questions: With a series of flexible dashboards, managers are empowered to make fairer, data-driven decisions. Miuros Insights is, for all intents and purposes, a virtual data scientist.

Quality Assurance: Customer Service QA to Build Better Experiences
An all in one QA platform to analyze and audit customer interactions. Identify and create more precious coaching opportunities to help agents develop their skills.

Automation: Customer Service Automation to Supercharge Your Agents
Miuros Assist is an AI-based assistant for mature Customer Service teams that harnesses Machine Learning to boost productivity and reactivity.


Overview of Integration

Miuros enhances your Helpshift data and provides actionable insights in a few clicks. Provide needed insights and metrics around your team SLAs, productivity and support best practices to improve CSAT.

On average, teams using Miuros solve problems 4x faster, thanks to metrics you won’t find anywhere else. Find out if issues are common with particular agents or teams and improve coaching processes to build better customer experiences. Unlock your data and insights to improve the customer experience.