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What is Bot Software?

Let’s answer the big question: what is a bot? Bots are a smart form of software, specifically designed to help automate tasks. Using AI-technology and bot automation, software bots can resolve common queries within seconds. These bots are capable of incredible things, from dramatically improving the capabilities of customer service teams to enhancing the customer experience with minimal investment.

Typical software bots include customer service chatbots, which rely on bot automation to ramp up the productivity of customer service teams, improving efficiency in a way that customers can really see. Take a look at our customer service chatbot to learn more about how bot automation works.

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic Process Automation, also known as RPA, is a relatively new form of technology which has expanded the potential of bot automation considerably. The technology helps companies to streamline their operations, reducing costs by automating a whole host of common, time-consuming tasks. It’s the technology behind many of the most exciting examples of bot automation that we see today – and its capabilities just keep getting better.

How Do I Put Bot Automation into Action?

How does bot software work? Our highly accessible, user-friendly platform enables you to create your own automated bots for a whole host of different tasks and processes which means you don’t need to be a technology wizard to benefit from automated bot software.

Choose from pre-built help bots capable of resolving all kinds of queries, or use our bot templates to create your own bespoke bots for the ultimate customer service improvements. Once you’ve made your bots, it’s easy to start using them in your customer messaging platforms. Get in touch to find out more about how bot automation works.

Intent Classification

Problems can’t be resolved if they aren’t understood. Quickly identify the best path to resolution with automated intent classification with help bots.

Helpshift Bots

Agents shouldn’t be human robots. Use help bots to collect issue information, complete rote tasks or even fully resolve common issues.

Visual Bot Builder

Bot building shouldn’t require a PhD. Build help bots in minutes with a visual solution that doesn’t depend on developers or IT.

Bot Templates

No support team should reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of pre-built help bots to incorporate best practices from the world’s top mobile games and apps.

Multilingual Bots

Are your users getting lost in translation? Make sure your bots speak as many languages as your customers do with support for over 180 languages.

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