Self Service Experience

Self-Service should just work.

Empower users to solve common issues on their own, faster than ever with Helpshift’s Self-Service Experience.

What is Self Service?

The term web self service refers to a type of customer service offering which puts the power in the hands of customers. Using web self service, customers can instantly access answers to common queries, and resolve typical problems without having to go to the hassle of contacting an agent.

Self service is being used to improve customer experiences, by equipping customers with the information they need without them having to ask for it. All they need to do to solve their problems is visit a brand’s website, and search for the issue they’re concerned about. Typical examples of self service include webinars, FAQs and knowledge base pages.

The Benefits of a Self-Service Experience

No experience should feel disjointed. Give users consistent self-service in-app and on the web. Today’s customers are busy, and their expectations in terms of customer service are higher than ever. If they come up against a problem, they expect it to be resolved at a moment’s notice, with minimal fuss.

Self service enables customers to access all the support they need, from any device. This automated service can easily be scaled as and when required, so it never puts a limit on the capabilities of ambitious brands. Automated bots can be used to provide answers within seconds, meaning no customer ever has to wait around for support.

Self-Service Experience with Help Center

Keep users right where they want to be with self-service access to common support questions, inside the app.

QuickSearch Bot

Give users instant answers by enabling bots to pull solutions directly from your self-service knowledge base.

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